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Natural Silence and Profound Unthinkability

In Java, Indonesia, there are mystical communities who spend time silently together after an evening meal. They do not meditate, nor do they ‘relax’ or snooze. Rather, they sit attentively together in shared silence, just being with each other in […]

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How will this change me—will I be happier?

A question that frequently, and naturally, arises in any type of transformational work is, “How will this change me?” “Will I be more effective?” “Will I suffer less?” People would like to hear that their lives will be richer, more […]

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Nondual Ecology

Unstructured, contentless and ineffable – Part 1 An Interview of Peter Fenner, Ph.D. by Alex Dijk for BewustZijn magazine The Australian Peter Fenner (1949) lived nine years as a Tibetan monk, and then taught in the academic world. He is […]

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