The Radiant Mind Course has been created for people who seek to integrate the value of nondual awareness into their lives in a systematic fashion over an 8 – 10 month time frame.

Radiant Mind is a spiritual-educational program designed to improve the overall quality of people’s lives, increase people’s access to deeply nourishing states of being, improve the quality of relationships and bring more meaning and purpose to your work and the contribution you make to others.

While it isn’t expected or necessary for participants to have a regular contemplative practice, this can be of value. The course will introduces you to a simple and powerful practices that is compatible with all forms of meditation and energy work.

This course is not designed as a substitute for psychological and psychotherapeutic work. The course does not work at a psychotherapeutic level and makes no claims to benefit serious psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, panic attacks, psychic breaks from reality, additions and any conditions that warrant the support of qualified professionals.

It is the responsibility of each participant to judge for themselves their suitability to participate in Radiant Mind. If you are seeing a psychotherapist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional, we strongly recommend that you speak with them about your intentions to join a Radiant Mind Course, show the Radiant Mind book, give them the website address, etc. We ask that you have a conversation with them in order seek their assessment about the suitability and compatibility between Radiant Mind and the work you are doing with any mental health professional.

Finally, Radiant Mind is not designed to remedy, cure or improve any physical or medical condition. If you are experiencing, prior to, or during a Radiant Mind Course we unreservedly recommend that you seek appropriate support from suitably qualified medical practitioners.

Radiant Mind assumes a high degree of responsible for your own wellbeing. We are here to support you, but not beyond the bounds and parameters of the spiritual-education course which this is.

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