What is Radiant Mind?

Radiant Mind arises when unconditioned awareness radiates through the totality of our conditioned existence. When we live in radiant mind we experience ourselves as a unique human being, while at the same time resting in a unified expanse of centerless and boundless awareness. This state is called liberation, buddhanature, egolessness, pure presence, nondual wisdom, our natural condition, and effortless being.

The ultimate goal of all human endeavors

This state is the ultimate goal of all human endeavors. Why? Because when we rest in unconditioned awareness, there’s nothing more that we need. There is nowhere further to go. It’s the only state that’s totally fulfilling. Radiant Mind programs direct us to the space of unconditioned awareness as a way of transcending suffering and embracing the future, free of fragile hopes and deep-seated fears.

As the darkness of the night, even were it to last a thousand years,
could not conceal the rising sun, so countless ages of conflict
and suffering cannot conceal the innate radiance of mind.
Tilopa (988-1069 CE)

Embodied transcendence

The sublime purity of transcendent insight is identical with the natural spontaneous purity of the countless configurations that present themselves as the universe in all its multidimensionality
Buddha, Perfect Wisdom Scripture

Radiant Mind programs reveal unconditioned awareness in the midst of our everyday life. We cultivate nondual presence in a natural way that is integrated with the complexities of daily commitments. Every aspect and dimension of our existence becomes a unique expression of freedom and transcendence. We find ourselves in the natural and effortless service of humanity.

Time honored nondual traditions

Our programs are inspired by the Mahayana Buddhist traditions of Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Madhyamaka. Our programs use the timeless realization of nondual awareness as the source for authentic intimacy, healing and inner peace.

Radiant Mind programs combine the ultimate view of Asia’s most refined nondual traditions and the finely honed skills of Western psychology. Our programs blend the liberating power of nondual wisdom with the intimacy and psychological depth we find in Western counseling and therapy.

In Radiant Mind we do nothing more, and nothing less, than what is required to rest confidently in the radiance of pure being. Our work addresses this challenge through skillfully refined forms of contemplative inquiry that lead us directly into the space of spontaneously arising, nondual presence.

The Radiant Mind Course

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This course offers you a simple and profoundly refreshing way of living life and relating to others. It offers a timeless set of skills and sensitivities for achieving sustainable experiences of well-being.

The course is designed for people who are interested in taking responsibility for their own happiness and making a powerful contribution to their friends, families and professional communities. Participants in the course come from a wide range of backgrounds; psychologists, psychotherapists, somatic therapists, managers, teachers, writers, and so on.

We have discovered that the learning of all participants is enhanced by bringing together people from a range of personal, professional and cultural backgrounds. We invite you to join this unique learning community.

This course is thoroughly experiential. It is designed to give you a new perspective that will translate directly into the quality and richness of your personal and professional life.

This course is designed to maximize the benefits of your time and energy. It is based on a very comprehensive set of transformational tools. They are carefully design to work synergistically and accommodate the preferred learning style of all participants.

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