Nondual coaching with Dr Peter Fenner

Nonduality in everyday life Dr Peter Fenner coaches people who wish to become more familiar with the ultimate medicine of unconditioned awareness.  Coaching sessions use awareness as the basis for opening to life’s challenges in a courageous and adventurous way. […]

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Radiant Mind Course 2014 in Portland, OR

9-month program With Peter Fenner and the Radiant Mind coaches 3 Workshops DATES and VENUE? First workshop: March 21-23 – Opening to life, Portland, OR Middle workshop: June 6-8 – Marylhurst University, OR Completing workshop: November 14-16 – Marylhurst University, OR PARTICIPATION First […]

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Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training

10-month Nondual Training, 2015 The three 4-day workshops will be held in Australasia The Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training is designed for people who wish to expand and refine their capacity to offer nondual awareness as a component of their […]

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