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Peter Fenner, Ph.D. is a spiritual leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom and Founder of Timeless Wisdom, a California nonprofit. He is a pioneer in the development of nondual therapy. He created the Radiant Mind Course® and the Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training. Peter runs courses, trainings, retreats and satsang telecalls and offers individual coaching sessions. His students and clients include Buddhist psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, Zen masters, Sufi masters, Vipassana and Mindfulness teachers, Yoga teachers, psychiatrists, medical doctors, hospice workers, students of Tibetan Buddhism, followers of Advaita, artists and spiritual seekers worldwide.Peter also offers retreats on 4 continents. He has presented his work at leading universities and institutions including Columbia, Stanford, CIIS and Naropa. Stay in touch: • Join Peter Fenner's network on LinkedIn • Like his page on Facebook

Creating Conditions for the Unconditioned

How is it that Unconditioned experience, is a conditioned experience? I hope you enjoy this video taken from our last Radiant Mind Course in Portland. While it is true that the Unconditioned depends on absolutely no conditions, simultaneously, it is […]

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The Heart of Awakening

An introduction to Radiant Mind With Peter Fenner and Portland coaches 4-6 October 2013 – Portland, OR This workshop will give you a strong opportunity to see through your preferences into a space of clear awareness, where nothing needs to […]

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This Is Not a Project

In the last Radiant Mind course that we had in Portland, a participant asked me a really great question. In his long time practice of meditation, he was encountering difficulties in ‘just sitting’ in the easeful way that we do […]

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Nondual coaching with Dr Peter Fenner

Nonduality in everyday life Dr Peter Fenner coaches people who wish to become more familiar with the ultimate medicine of unconditioned awareness.  Coaching sessions use awareness as the basis for opening to life’s challenges in a courageous and adventurous way. […]

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The Wizard talks with Peter Fenner

WIZARD: Peter is a living Arunachala. […] So Peter, of all those we’ve met thus far, I feel you’re unequalled in your capacity to demystify the mysterious changes that take place in a person who’s called upon to extricate him/herself […]

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Radiant Mind Course 2014 in Portland, OR

9-month program With Peter Fenner and the Radiant Mind coaches 3 Workshops DATES and VENUE? First workshop: March 21-23 – Opening to life, Portland, OR Middle workshop: June 6-8 – Marylhurst University, OR Completing workshop: November 14-16 – Marylhurst University, OR PARTICIPATION First […]

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Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training

10-month Nondual Training, 2015 The three 4-day workshops will be held in Australasia The Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training is designed for people who wish to expand and refine their capacity to offer nondual awareness as a component of their […]

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Natural Silence and Profound Unthinkability

In Java, Indonesia, there are mystical communities who spend time silently together after an evening meal. They do not meditate, nor do they ‘relax’ or snooze. Rather, they sit attentively together in shared silence, just being with each other in […]

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Introduction to Radiant Mind, by Jan Hodgman

Recognizing Our Ultimate Nature January 19 and 20, 2013 – Anacortes, WA Join Jan Daiyū Hodgman for a weekend at the end of the spiritual path—resting in the ground of pure being—while being fully engaged and connected with each other. […]

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“If I had the time, I’d be like the Buddha!”

One of the common things I hear from people when I’m running a workshop is that, “This space is great, but my life is so busy. I just don’t have the time to rest and be present to “what is.” […]

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