Combining the intimacy of therapy with the liberating heart of Asia’s most refined spiritual psychologies with Radiant Mind Coaching.

  • Achieve optimal mental and spiritual well-being with personal coaching by leading nondual coaches.
  • Enhance your relationships and empower your professional work with the experience of natural presence.
  • Discover “natural meditation” — the experience of being in a state of profound peace and clarity without having to do anything at all.
  • Increase your capacity to sustain and enjoy genuine fulfillment.
  • Learn how to truly enjoy the present moment, without needing to compulsively process the past, or fear the future.

Radiant Mind Coaching offers a unique approach to optimal spiritual and psychological well-being. The skills we offer combine decades of practice in Asian contemplative traditions combined with professional training in Western psychotherapeutic disciplines. Our nondual coaching has been acknowledged in international forums for the authenticity and effectiveness with which it translates the liberating heart of Asian wisdom into Western therapeutic environments.

It is our priviledge to work with you.


Timeless Wisdom Coaches

Dr Peter Fenner

I delight in sharing the nurturing space of high-quality meditation. Oftentimes meditation consists of little more that closing one’s eyes. The stream of thinking and feeling continues pretty much as it does in daily life. If anything meditation can intensify our preoccupation with the mind. The intention of real mediation is to take us beyond the mind, into a space of deep serenity and effortless contentment. Things flip into cruise control. Together we ride the still point where thoughts continually dissolve before they take any specific form.

I promise you that you will improve the high-quality meditation during our session together. I will make subtle and gentle interventions to support your entry into natural meditation and effortless rest in deep, centerless awareness.

These sessions are ideal for people who want to begin a meditation practice or reinvigorate a practice which has become stale or burdensome.

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Marie Barincou


Marie Barincou is a bilingual (French and English) coach and coach trainer in Timeless Wisdom. She is a spiritual carer in hopital and hospice.

She has been a Radiant Mind coach since 2005 and supervises the Radiant Mind coaches in North America and Europe. She facilitates the 10-month Natural Awakening Nondual Training with Peter Fenner and manages Timeless Wisdom’s projects.

She has received extensive training in coaching, grief and bereavement therapy, death and dying support, meditation, relaxation, nidra yoga, systemic analysis, Buddhist psychology, and nondual therapy.

Certified member of the International Coach Federation, Marie offers coaching sessions to individuals and teams who are ready to take new challenges.

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Andrea Colombu

Andrea is a psychotherapist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and a Radiant Mind Coach. He has been studying closely with Peter Fenner since 2010 completing two Radiant Mind courses as coach and two Natural Awakening Trainings. His lifelong spiritual journey includes diligent study and practice of Buddhism since 2003 in the Zen, Vipassana and Tibetan traditions with different Eastern and Western teachers. Since 2009 he has been focusing on the integration of unconditioned awareness in everyday life in personal and professional life.

Jan Daiyu Hodgman

Jan brings decades of meditation practice and 8 years of monastic practice as a Zen nun in Japan to her coaching in Radiant Mind. She was ordained by Harada Sekkei Roshi at Hosshinji Soto Zen Monastery in Obama, Japan in 1986. She is also a Certified Focusing Trainer, has served as a hospital and hospice chaplain and leads courses in meditation, and finding our way with death, dying and grief. She leads a group in Luminous Awareness based on Radiant Mind in Anacortes, WA and also by teleconference. Jan enjoys dancing unknowing.


Raymond Diaz N.D. 

I am blessed to have been drawn by suffering and love to those who offer guidance and support. Jesus Christ,  Gautama Buddha, Ramakrishna, The Course In Miracles, Leslie Temple-Thurston,  Peter Fenner,  and many more Wow ! I practice an amalgam of Gestalt, Primal, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Ordained Ministry, Naturopthic Medicine, all washed and bathed in the always of Nondual awareness. Radiant mind coaching is to live, teach, and support all beings. I am blessed and guided by nothing and everything.


Shannon Pernetti

Shannon has been sculpted by boundless swimming in the deep nondual rivers of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Chi Kung, Kashmir Shivism, Yoga Psychology and through the grand lineage of Sri Ramakrishna: Shakti Advaita Vedanta, for many decades.  She is an ordained Minister and in her fourth decade happily practicing as a NonDual Psychotherapist and Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Trainer


Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, CHT, MSWAC

My life has been graced with several gifted nondual teachers and mentors, beginning with the Lakota traditions of my roots, to Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Chi Kung, and Advaita Vedanta teachings for the past decades.  What has been revealed in these different paths is, in the end, there is just "This", that which has always been right here ever present in each moment. In these lineages, I completed a Lakota training apprenticeship, a nondual Spiritual Teacher Training, been ordained a Minister, completed the Nondual Therapist and Teacher Training, and am a Radiant Mind coach.  As a psychotherapist and trainer, I integrate Nondual Psychotherapy with Hakomi Somatic Therapy and Archetypal Pattern Analysis where I find great joy in assisting others in discovering pure loving presence as the jewel of our Being and all that just is.

Certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst, Certified Hakomi Therapist, Masters Addictions Therapist, 503-235-2005


Geri Stewart

To be as I am, with nothing to do or know, and inquire into “Who am I?” is an on-going invitation from Radiant Mind that began for me in 2010.  Through three Radiant Mind courses, on-going involvement with Peter and Marie, past participants, the coaches, the Radiant Mind community, and in my personal quiet time, the inquiry process continues to work on me as an integral part of my daily life.  As a Radiant Mind coach, sharing with and supporting others in what unfolds in “THIS” as we talk or sit in silence together is where I find myself now.  It is truly delightful!.      


Hilary Stuart

My path to becoming a Radiant Mind coach has been one filled with much seeking.  Beginning with a BA in Psychology, and completing a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, I have studied along the way with many teachers, both internal and external.  Studies have included many different forms, from personal processing to meditation, from Buddhism and Advaita to Universal Love.  In working as a coach in the Radiant Mind community, I have found the perfect blend which allows me to participate with a passionate sense of personal authenticity while, at the same time, relaxing into "This", where seeking ends and true intimacy simply is.